Redeeming your gift card

Step 1 Explore Invest529’s account features

If you already have an Invest529 account, log into to manage your account. Once logged in, visit the Gift Center to redeem your Invest529 Gift Card. Don’t have an Invest529 account? Continue on to Step 2.

Step 2 Open an account

Follow the steps on the Getting Started page (gathering the necessary information, reviewing your portfolio options), and then click “Open Account” at the bottom of the page.

  • Create an online user profile and password then choose “New Invest529 account.”
  • Once you reach the portfolio selection section, choose the type of portfolio you desire and include the amount of your gift card in the “Initial Investment” amount section. If you choose to set up a recurring future contribution, you can include that amount in the recurring bank debit section.
  • Complete the steps needed to open your account. When you reach the end of the application process, you will be prompted to make an initial payment. Select “Gift of College Gift Card” and follow the prompts to redeem your gift card.
  • Each gift card can only be applied to one portfolio and may not be broken up among multiple accounts or portfolios.

Getting Started