Get started in three easy steps

1 Gather the necessary information

Congratulations! You’ve taken the first step toward your savings goals by committing to opening an Invest529 account. To begin, gather these pieces of information needed to open your account:

  • Account owner’s name, address, state-issued identification information (such as a driver's license) and Social Security number
  • The name, address, Social Security number and date of birth for the Beneficiary (student) (the individual who will benefit from the Virginia529 account)
  • The name, address and Social Security number of the Designated Survivor (the person chosen by the account owner to assume account ownership in the event of the account owner's death)
  • Information about other individuals you wish to access the account
  • Information about the bank account or gift card you wish to use for initial and ongoing contributions

2 Review your portfolio options

Whether college is just around the corner or you’ve got years ahead of you to save, Invest529 offers a full range of professionally managed portfolio options. Explore the different offerings available for Invest529 and see which one(s) works best for your personal savings strategy.

Invest529 is offered to all U.S. residents by Virginia529, the nation's largest 529 plan with over 2 million accounts and $60 billion in assets under management.

Portfolio Performance Program Description (PDF)

3 Open an account

You are ready to open open your Invest529 account

On the next page, you will create a username and password for your new account. After that, the account creation process will guide you through entering your information, selecting your portfolio and finalizing your new Invest529 account.

Open an Account

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I know I won’t have to take out a second mortgage. I won’t have to sell something, put their education on a credit card or deplete a bank account. It gives me a secure feeling for me and my kids.